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Meet Dr Clare Cullen (Chiropractor)

A Focus on Health and Healing

Chiropractor Ewell, Dr. Clare CullenI decided to study Chiropractic after I saw how it helped my Father recover from a back injury.

The body has an innate intelligence and it is programmed for health. I learned the importance of a functioning nervous system for the body to heal and express health. I was struck by how much sense this made to me and I wondered why this had not been impressed upon me during my undergraduate degree in Human Biology.

I graduated from the University of Surrey in 2002 with a Master’s degree in Chiropractic. This was just the beginning of my love of learning and understanding holistically and the workings of the human body and what you need to fully express a healthful life.

Personally, for me this includes regular chiropractic care as well as yoga, pilates, running and cycling; preparing food that is both health-giving for my family and myself and not to the detriment of the earth. I have learned that my mind is better controlled when I am mindful of negative “chatter” and I give my thoughts to gratitude for life rather than complaints.

Sharing a Passion for Chiropractic

Every day I learn from the people I meet. I am always deepening my understanding of the importance of good musculoskeletal function, nutrition, and a controlled mind. I am eager to share my passion with the people I meet at Ewell Chiropractic Health Centre so that they can thrive.

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