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Meet Dr Phil Delport (Chiropractor)

Chiropractor Ewell, Dr. Phil DelportExperiencing Relief, Naturally

An avid rugby player growing up, Phil injured his neck in a match and couldn’t use his right arm. “I went the usual medical routes but got nowhere.” He met someone who played basketball for the national team who told Phil that he needed to see a chiropractor. Having never heard of a chiropractor before, he went to see him for care. “Within a couple of weeks, I was back on the rugby field – getting results that traditional medicine weren’t able to achieve. That kind of sparked my interest in the chiropractic profession.”

Education and Memberships

As he had always played a lot of sports and was highly health-conscious, Phil liked that chiropractic brought together his interests in wholesome living. “I was fortunate to get a rugby scholarship at Life University in the United States.” He enjoyed his time there immensely and graduated in 1986.

In addition to his doctorate, Phil has the following credentials:

  • Registered with SOTO Europe, the organisation that governs SOT® practices
  • Member of the United Chiropractic Association
  • Members of the International Chiropractors Association

A Passion for Helping Others

Just as he was helped years ago, Phil finds it enormously gratifying to help people without using pharmaceuticals.

I always felt that drugs were used to cover up a wide variety of symptoms. Chiropractic, however, is a natural way to help others. It’s not just about helping bad backs and necks; it’s about ensuring that the body functions at 100% — a big benefit for everyone, particularly athletes.

Phil cared for a GB Olympian, who, during the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, won the gold medal in the 100-metre. For many athletes they report how chiropractic gives their performance that extra edge.  Phil also cares for children, pregnant women, and seniors. As there are multiple golf clubs in the area, he cares for a lot of golfers as well. “Though golf is particularly tough on the spine, we get excellent results for players.”

Staying Active in Ewell

When he’s not at Ewell Chiropractic Health Centre, Phil enjoys spending time with his family. His wife is a keen gardener, and he likes to help her. He also stays fit through Pilates, walking and other activities. Phil always tries to practice what he preaches to set a good example for patients.

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